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Welcome. Since we have a bit of time I thought I'd go for some extra credit. What I am presenting is graphic representation from two of the three essays at the end of the application.

1.Take something complex and make it understandable.
Amusement Park - The images are original and produced with Midjourney. I was curious what that scenario might look like and thought I would share it with you.
It can be found here.

2. How do you build culture?
Colossal Squid Road & Track Club - Here is an example from a digital ad agency/production company I co-founded. This is the presentation referenced in my application. Members of our team unbeknownst to my partner and me cooked up and pitched this big idea. Unfortunately we did not do the MicroBus.
It can be downloaded here.

It references "Jim White." He is a freelance designer who was a marathon national champion. He was our ringer.

Many thanks
Pat Berry