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Robot People

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Robot People

EXPERIMENT 1: Robot People

These feel like Andy Warhol robot art. It's weird and odd in every way. I dig it.

BTW - his catalog of drawings/comic books were just published as a collection so I've got Andy on the brain. Check out Taschen for details on the books.

What is relevant in these examples is I used StableDiffusion and Midjourney to produce the images. I used the same prompts to compare and contrast. While I was going for more of a cyborg look, I never used "cyborg" as a prompt.

The two black & white examples are from StableDiffusion. More abstract and unfinished.
Two other renders I threw out.

The Midjourney examples are all color and detailed. More photo real with a finished presentation.

In this example, using Runway, the single frame
provided is interpolated in two major ways. Firstly, motion is added to each of the four models featured in the still image. And secondly, an entirely new scene with two "more finished" introduced.