Executive Producer, Head of Production & Creative Technology

Kellogg's Chocolate Frosted Flakes – The New Sound of Cereal

Product / Prototype

Kellogg's Chocolate Frosted Flakes – The New Sound of Cereal

Playable. Edible. Music.

Here is one way to rewrite the text with some added flair: Teens and cereal? 

As likely a pair as cats and baths. To get New Chocolate Frosted Flakes to register on their radar, we couldn't simply buy their attention - we had to seize it through their one true love: music. We knew that tunes shape their world, so we dreamed up an unprecedented stunt - the first-ever edible record, spun not from vinyl but from crispy flakes and melty chocolate. This revolutionary cereal disc played a hot new single from an up-and-coming band. 

We catapulted into social media glory with 1.4 million electric engagements, from YouTube reaction videos to love from top teen sites. As music and chocolate swirled through bleeding-edge blogs and broadcasts, we spotlighted Chocolate Frosted Flakes as the freshest innovation on the cereal scene. Our integrated earned media campaign strengthened the Frosted Flakes brand year-over-year, positioning it to win over formerly faint-hearted cereal fans. And we scored these monster results without a single paid ad - just pure, organic teenager enthusiasm. For connecting with youth through flavor and sound, we struck musical, magical gold.

Creative Director - Baptiste Limb
Executive Producer - Katie Walker
Head of Production - Pat Berry